Our team has been cycling and working in the cycling sector for over 20 years.
As owners of the first integrated information platform for cycling in Greece, and being in close cooperation with the Greek Bike Market,
the European Cyclists Federation and the Eurovelo organisation, we can truly say that cycling is the core of our existence and our job!

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Cycling Tours

Landscapes combining mountain and sea, picturesque villages, unique hospitality, leading archaeological destinations, food and wine are only few of the reasons why Greece can be ideal for cycling all year round.

Training with Locals

We have the right choice for you as part of our trianing rides package!

Explore Greece with local cyclists, and with the support of trainers and even certified nutrition specialists. 

Tailor Made

Whatever your dream,
it can come true! 
Enjoy a tailor made, personalised bike tour in one or more Greek regions designed by Bicycle Friendly Greece

BFG Network

As a member of
Bicycle Friendly Greece,
you are part of the premium
for bike friends in Greece with
international recognition.

Cycling Greece is fun!

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Museums and Summer Cinemas

Which ones are the most significant museums of Athens and what are their secrets? Where do the famous summer cinemas of Athens lie? THE ROUTE: This ride connects 8 of...

Athens of the Athenians

Where do the Athenians live? Where do they enjoy? Where does they hang out? THE ROUTE: We start off downtown and we head towards urban neighbourhoods and parks. We cross...

Marathon lake and village

Marathon, a highly historical area known worldwide for its battle and the hero Pheidippides, the first marathon runner of all times. Our meeting point this time is the Olympic Stadium...

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