A network for bike riders and bike enthusiasts

We have been active in the cycling sector for more than 20 years, in collaboration with such international organisations as the European Cyclists Federation, the Eurovelo and the Cycle Friendly Employer.

Our experience in marketing and international business makes us an excellent partner for you to fight competition without wasting time, effort or money. Be a member of Bicycle Friendly Greece network with access to the constantly developing and inspiring market of cyclists.
If cyclists are already among your clients and your business fulfills the basic criteria, we look forward to collaborating with you.
If you wish to advertise your business among cyclists from all over the world, professionals or amateurs, who come to Greece following the Eurovelo routes, those who participate in organised bike trips or those who simply wish to enjoy leisure cycling holidays, our team will be happy to offer you an advice on how to deal with your cyclists-clients’ needs .
As a member of Bicycle Friendly Greece, you are part of the premium network for bike friends in Greece with international recognition.

Contact us today at B2B@bicyclefriendly.gr and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss questions and ideas for a complete and healthy plan tailored to your exact needs.


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