Bike Shops & Bike Services

You are our priority customer here!

Bicycle maintenance, repairs or adjustments made easy and fast because travelers are priority clients. If in need of a part not in stock in one town, our network will make sure that your bike will be serviced as fast as possible in a nearby city. Not only that, but our network members will see a cycling team-mate in you and will offer friendly prices.

If you travel with your bike and/or car, train, plane, we can help you to safely pack your bike according to your mode transport.

Explore the area like a local!

If you stay more than one day in a place, the Bicycle Friendly Greece network is the tool to help you find out about local bike clubs, rides, short trips, events or even races organised in the area.

What to expect:

Wi-Fi • English speaking friendly staff • Customer priority service
• Friendly pricing for basic services such as brake and gear adjustment • packing your bike • long term parking
• offers and discounts on travel accessories for cyclists
• Water, W.C. and short term parking facilities free of charge for cyclists
• Area information

Bike shops

AlexandroupoliPidalio - Βike CenterT.: 25510
ArtaTailwind BikeshopT.: 26810 76083
AthensTop CyclesT.: 210
Tsirikos BikesT.: 210
ChaniaAntonis Bikes T.: 28210
LarissaDalavikas Bikes
T.: 2410 552815,
2410 552815
EscapeT.: 26310 24770
PatraΙdeal Βike ShopT.: 2610
ThessalonikiMotion the bike megastoreT.: 2310
Hantes BikesT.: 2310 792265
PodilatoramaT.: 2310 642830
Red ZeppelinT.: 2310
VolosGatsoulis  Bikes
T.: 24210 39392